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12 Beautiful Gradients

Useful and ready to use! Beautiful gradients for web design, app design or even slide design for powerpoint presentations. Using a gradient for your design can look awesome unless you're using the wrong combinations. Below you can find perfect matching colours for beautiful gradients.

How to create gradients for my website?

It depends on what design platform you are using. My favourite design program is Sketch, once you've tried it you don't want anything else. Whether you are designing a website, app or powerpoint slides Sketch makes it so easy. The color codes below allow you creating the exact gradients as the examples, simply copy and paste the color code into your design and all done.

Sketch design platform

Sketch offers several plans and the free trial is perfect for beginners. It doesn't take too much effort to learn the basics of the program. I recommend to get yourself a course on Udemy and look for the Pablo Stanley course. He knows all about Skecth and more important he knows how to create a impressive and inspiring course.

1. Sunset


2. Fresh Juice


3. Candy sweet


4. Cool sky


5. Ice tube


6. Fresh snow


7. Freezy


8. Deep sea


9. Apollo sky


10. Bounty swim


11. Blossom


12. Springfield

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