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Slide design - Facing A Challenging Deadline?

Get at least 5 more hours with our timezone

Busy with your proposal for a new business pitch or company introduction? When the deadline is near you can give yourself at least 5 more hours working with us. Send us your files by night and have everything back in your inbox the next morning. 


Do You Know When To Drop Your Key Message?

Avoid the "snooze-zone"

If you know the engagement-peak moment during your presentation and the "snooze-moment" (when engagement is the lowest), you can drop your message at the right time. A disruptive agenda and creative introduction of your team is a good start to use the engagement at the Max!

The 5 Most Easy To Implement  Tips for a better presentation

Easy to implement starting today

  1. Use PNG files for images - transparant background looks much better on your slides

  2. Avoid too much text, the 5/5/5 rule says; no more than 5 words  per line, 5 lines per text block, maximum 5 hevay text slides in a row

  3. Ensure readability of the text, use image filters to emphasize text on a image

  4. Use icons in your presentation, this creates structure and overview

  5. Be selective with animations, animations can distract your audience from the key message


Always create unique slides

You show you care

Show your audience you care, create unique slides with customized design. Convince with your expertise, Impress with your slide design. 

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