How do I get started?

Once you have signed up for an account you will be permitted to purchase your subscription by clicking the free trial button and inputting your payment details directly on the website. You will start with a 7 Day Free Trial Period and billed weekly thereafter. We will send you a welcome email laying out the TrueCoach integration and 4 Free training sessions. TrueCoach is our workout delivery platform. We put you into our system manually so this process may take upto 24 hours. You will get full access to the program thereasfter inside a well designed workout tracking app (TrueCoach), where you can also chat with us and you may* request feedback of your progress! *Please take note that this is a general program at an affordable price. Scaling options and feedback is short and sweet and we will do our best to provide more and more content to our platform to enhance your experience and allow you to crush some training on your own terms. We are more than happy to help give you movement ques and form correction upon request.

How do I cancel/pause my subscription?

You will not be charged for the program for the first 7 days, and your billing date will be weekly thereafter. If you want to cancel your subscription permanently, you can do so at any time by going to the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of our website under 'My Subscriptions' and clicking 'Cancel Subscription'. Pausing your subscription is a great option if you have any vacations, events, or personal reasons in the future and you are planning on coming back Universal Soldier! Take a week off and when you are ready you can simply re-start your subscription by contacting us! We complete the 'Pause Subscription' protocol manually. We are ready to help if you have any issues whatsoever. Contact us at accounts@universal-soldier.com.

How is this different from other programs?

Truth. It isnt! Universal Soldier is an ongoing subscription, so you’ll never run out of programming and you will be following the training tried and tested by us. Many fitness professionals do this and it is a very effective method for everyone to benefit. We work with and collaborate with other coaches as well to retain as much programming knowledge as we can and grow as coaches. We believe many people can succeed from our training approach. A couple UNIQUE take-aways is that it will be our own training approach and you will also be apart of the Universal Soldier Community! The program runs in cycles of 6 weeks, and we practice what we preach so you will be getting proven training cycles tested by both Hattie and Jake. We will continually be exploring new concepts, including Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, functional training, hypertrophy, mobility, conditioning, bodybuilding, and more.

What skill level do I need to join this program?

Our programming is is aimed to improve athletic performance for everyone. Although there are many new skills you may be learning, we can provide options for you to complete a wholesome training session no matter where your abilities are. Do not feel discouraged if you are not completing the training as prescribed, if certain movements aren't achievable yet! We are in the works of created scaling videos for more complex movements so every one will be able to complete the workouts we provide. We will always be working towards a goal that will make you fitter each day and achieve new milestones! New people to fitness as well as elite athletes will find huge value inside Universal Soldier.

Why is this a weekly subscription?

We created Universal Soldier as a weekly subscription because it offers more flexibility to you! With a weekly subscription you have the option to 'pause' your subscription without having to pay a monthly lumpsome. A monthly payment method can possibly waste your money because of personal reasons like vacations, weddings, events etc. Not every one can be at the gym 24/7. With a weekly payment method you can pay for the weeks you know you are going to be at the gym. You can pause for a week, or how ever long you need and re-start the programming when ever you are ready to crush some training. Please contact us the dates you want to pause and restart the programming and we will manually do it for you! Furthermore, we do advise you to follow our training cycles to the best of your abilities in order to see the benefits from our training methods quicker. Consistency and persistance is crucial. Our cycles usually run 6 weeks long.

What type of fitness programming is it?

Short story: You will be training the same cycles trained by both Jake & Hattie. - The program is created by coach Jake and follows a 6 week cycle format and contains many different fitness modalities, but the central focus is CrossFit training. You will have new goals and milestones to shoot for in each cycle with the ultimate goal of being stronger and fitter than yesterday.