Signing up

How do I sign Up for a new website Design?

You can chose one of the plans on the "pricing" page. Then click the button and fill in your name and email address and we will contact you right away. A personal follow up with our team.

When do I need to pay?

You can pay after we completed your website, we don't ask you to do any downpayment upfront. After completion we send you the invoice to complete the payment.

Can I change my "plan" later?

Yes you can, during the preparation for the website desing proces we will go through your needs, requirements and wishes. If your chosen plan is not the best fit we will find out and up- or downgrade accordingly.

Design process

How do we communicate during the Design Process?

We can communicate in the way you prefer, most common is call/chat/video via Whatsapp, FaceTime, Line or Messenger. But Email, Phone call or Skype is also possible.

How often do I receive updates?

We believe in "short sprints" to provide frequent updates during each stage of the process. We prefer to send daily updates for maximum alignment. But some clients prefer less intens communication which is fine.

How many design changes can I make?

Our objective is to design your desired website so any changes you want to make to make it perfect is fine. We encourage our clients to make changes during the design process, that's how we can optimize until it's perfect.

How does the design process work?

We split the design process in 2 key sessions, UX Design and UI design. We start with UX design to ensure the website brings a very positive User Experience and is useful for the users. Everything needs to be relevant, a seamless navigation, clear messages and a to the point approach. In a nutshell, make sure users don't have to think. Then we move to the UI design stage where we make the website beautiful with professional designs, great color combinations en everything related to the look&feel. First impression is key, make sure it's a awesome first impression.

Do I need to provide images and the text?

If you have images and/or text for your website that's great. But don't worry if you don't have any content yet, we will help you finding the best images and writing your text. Together with our clients we complete this process of optimizing content for the website.

Technical aspects

Is my new website mobile friendly?

Absolutely, your new website will look awesome on mobile devices. The mobile version is specifically designed for mobile devices to create the best user experience.

Is the website designed for all screen-sizes?

Yes it is, we call that aspect Responsive. Your website looks perfect on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, regardless the brand or type.

Can I add an extra language to my website?

As many as you want, the Wix platform allows you to add different languages. It's quite easy to add a language to your new website yourself. If you prefer support on this we are happy to do so, we can provide you the plan accordingly.

Can I manage the website myself?

You definitely can, we will guide you through this simple process. We build websites on the Wix platform, images, text or colors are very easy to change. However, we offer free support for website changes within the format for 3, 6 or 12 months, this depends on the plan you select. See "pricing" page for details.

Can I use my existing domain?

Sure, we help you to connect your new website to your existing domain. In case you don't have a domain we can help you with a new one and connect it to your website.

Other services

Do you also design wireframes for App's?

Yes we do, we design in Sketch and can design wireframes. The designs are including user-flow charts and export files in any format you desire. Symbols, color codes, images, icons and everything else will be sorted and send as induvidual files as well.

Do you also do online marketing

Yes we do, becides designing websites we help our clients generating leads. The websites we make are useful, beautiful with high performance. Online marketing to generate traffic, create conversions and create high engagement. Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, LinkedIn, all brilliant platforms we use to find your target audience and engage with them.

Can you create Mockups?

Yes we can, we create mockups including the app-logo in style on your mobile phone. For app-design we recommend to create a mockup first before developing the app. It's a great way to test the app on UX/UI and easily make adjustments without spending extra costs on coding work. On top of that, the mockup is the best guide for the coding team.

Do you use templates for powerpoint presentation design?

The answer is NO, unless you have a certain templat you like otherwise we design each slide individually. A good presentation is unique and a 100% match with your brand (guidelines) and style. Templates often dominate presentations and forces users to create a story fitting the template where we believe the design should fit/match your story.

What's the process for presentation design?

There are several options but in all cases we will do the work and you only need to give your opinion or share ideas. In that way we make it easy and fun for you to work on the presentation. It helps when you have your story or subjects writen out but even if you don't have anything yet we will get all information we need. We plan a call or share documents online to go throught/understand your needs and get our input to create awesome slides. We share every pair of slides to discuss and to align before we move on to the next set of slides.