For Who?

For businesses operating in a well known branch, the business itself doesn't need too much explanation.

For Who?

For businesses that require a more detailed explanation, more pages and subjects needed to fully explain.

For Who?

For businesses that require a more customized website. No limitation on UX/UI design and unlimited support. 

*Monthly webhosting costs (paid directly to Wix) are +/- €10,- 

Website Design 


Slide Design 

For Who?

Company credentials and pitch decks with a rough idea about design and storyline. Support required on delivery of the designs.

For Who?

Company credentials or pitch decks starting from scratch - Support required on "shaping the story" and brilliant, new designs. No limitation on design changes.

* Pre design process - efficient way of designing, pre-alignment on design + your approval

** OTD guarantee - money back if any delay in deliveries from our side.

App Design

Tell us more!

We can't wait to hear more about your idea/concept for a new app or app-redesign. That will give us enough information to provide a detailed offer for the design work. 

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